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  • Fast & easy to apply - With it's peel'n'stick technology, you can apply BladeTape in less than 30secs!
  • Better grip on the puck - With a patented rubber face and ridge pattern, BladeTape allows for added grip on the puck for improved control.
  • Better feel for the puck - Today’s composite sticks can make it tough to have a feel for the puck, or take a pass. BladeTape provides a bit of cushion along with grip to improve everyone’s game, young or veteran.
  • Better stick handling - Without a bottom edge, BladeTape lets your stick glide through the ice as you feel your stickhandling speed up.
  • No snow or ice buildup - With BladeTape's rubber surface, snow and ice are naturally repelled. BladeTape doesn’t hold water the way cloth tape can, so your stick doesn’t get heavier as the game goes on.
  • Long lasting - BladeTape is designed to last 15 games but many of our users have told us that they have gotten so much more! Younger players can get a whole season out of one set of BladeTape.