Bauer S18 Nexus 2N Shoulder Pads

Was $229.00

Now $189.00

The Bauer Nexus 2N Shoulder Pad was built for the player looking for maximum protection and coverage without sacrificing weight or mobility. Compared to Supreme and Vapor, the Nexus is the bulkier of the bunch, making it a good choice for physical players who are consistently blocking shots or battling in the board.

Bauer brought over advanced IX-Foam Technology from their helmet division to bolster the shoulder caps. IX reinforces the molded PE shoulder caps for elite impact protection, which also helped slim down the overall cap profile this year for a better out-of-the-box fit. MDP Technology, the 2N's unique multi-density foam layering system, can be found on the spine and the sternum to deliver next-level protection for the most vital part of the shoulder pad.

Internally, the Nexus 2N boasts a ThermoMax microfiber liner that manages moisture by rapidly wicking it away so it can evaporate. New to the Nexus is the Sanitized treatment process that keeps the pad smelling fresher for longer, since it prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming.


  • Front Panel:
    • Two-piece, vented construction
      • Segmented MDP sternum guard 
        • Multi-density foam layering system that distributes impact forces
      • Perforated foam base with strategically-placed Vent Armour Inserts
        • Vent Armour provides upgraded protection while working with the foam base to enhance airflow through the pad 
      • Removable MD foam belly guard
  • Rear Panel: 
    • Two-piece, vented construction
      • Segmented MDP spine guard 
        • Multi-density foam layering system that does an excellent job of distributing impact forces
      • Perforated foam base with strategically-placed MDP inserts 
  • Shoulder Caps:
    • Adjustable Molded PE base with IX-Foam protection
      • Slimmer profile than the 1N for better range of motion
      • IX-Foam reinforcement provides elite protection for high-mass, low-velocity impacts
  • Bicep Guards:
    • Adjustable, two-piece molded medium-density foam 
      • Nylon adjustment strap allows players to tailor the bicep guard to find the perfect fit 
  • Collarbone Protection:
    • Free-Flex technology with dual-density foam 
      • Provides players with better mobility without sacrificing protection 
  • Liner: 
    • Thermo Max with Sanitized technology 
      • Comfortable microfiber liner with excellent moisture-wicking properties
      • Sanitized technology is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process for optimal effectiveness throughout the pad's lifespan
        • Prevents the development of odor-causing bacteria and provides long-lasting freshness
  • Strap System:
    • Stomach
      • 2" elastic velcro stomach straps
    • Bicep
      • 1.5" elastic velcro anchor straps
      • 1.5" adjustable nylon straps connecting the bicep guard to the shoulder cap
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit
      • Bulkier fit that offers maximum coverage and protection without sacrificing mobility