Bauer S17 Vapor X700 Skates

Was $599.00

Now $429.00

The Bauer Vapor X700 Skates are a great choice for those looking for higher-end performance at a more reasonable price. The X700 features a stiff Fiber Composite+ boot that was built to provide greater power, agility, and comfort than ever before.


  • Quarter Package:
    • Fiber Composite+ with X-Rib pattern
      • Stiffened, reinforced construction for high-performance
      • Vapor's signature X-rib design (seen when looking at the rear of the boot) enhances performance for unparalleled response by providing strategic support throughout the ankle. The result is quicker acceleration and better stability through each stride.
    • Pro-integrated heel and ankle core
      • Provides increased stability and longevity
    • Heatmoldable
  • Skate Laces:
    • Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces
  • Liner:
    • Hydra-Max Liner
      • Premium, abrasion-resistant liner that wicks away moisture and keeps feet locked into place
  • Ankle Padding:
    • AnaForm ankle padding
  • Tongue Construction: 
    • 48oz, three-piece felt with HD lace-bite reinforcement. 
      • Three-piece design provides a better, more anatomical fit around the foot
      • Thick felt with injected high-density foams through the center provide better protection and enhanced comfort 
      • Pre-shaped 
  • Footbed:
    • Form-Fit+ Grip
      • Grippy texture in the heel cup better locks the player's foot into the skate
  • Outsole: 
    • Pro TPU 
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
    • Tuuk LightSpeed LS1 Stainless Steel Runners