Bauer S18 Nexus 2N Pro Junior Stick

The Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Stick is not only the lightest and longest-lasting Nexus stick to-date, Bauer improved its slap shot release by 15% and its wrist/snap shot release by 12% too. This was possible with exciting new technologies that include the R-LITE Blade Core, ACL Technology and a new Duraflex Resin system. 
The blade boasts the biggest upgrades over the previous 1N. The 2N Pro debuts a new R-LITE Blade Core that is by far the most popular construction in the NHL today. Based off of the 1X LITE, the R-LITE option is significantly lighter and stiffer than before but the 2N Pro features a fiber reinforced dampening layer for ultimate puck control. Bauer also used ACL Technology (Advanced Carbon Layering) that reduces weight without sacrificing durability by using thinner, more strategically placed carbon layers. 
  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber
      • TeXtreme® is 20% lighter and manages impact stresses 20% better than traditional carbon fiber
    • Monocomp Technology
      • True one-piece compression molding process, eliminates "fusion" or connection point between shaft and blade
      • Gives players an unreal responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom
      • Best process available for a lightweight and balanced hockey stick
    • Duraflex Resin
      • Next-generation shaft resin that focuses on handling stresses from impacts and flex
      • Provides better durability causing by continually bowing out the stick as players trend down in flex rating
  • Geometry:
    • Traditional - Rounded Corners and Slightly Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Profile:
    • Nexus Mid-Kick Point with Sweet Spot Technology
      • Ideal for players looking for a powerful, effortless release
      • Strategically re-engineered carbon fiber allows for easier loading and smoother energy transfer
    • Easy to Load Taper
      • A secondary taper is engineered along the top & bottom of the shaft
      • Increases puck control and shot accuracy due to improved strength and torsional resistance
  • Grip
    • Griptac (grip) stick coating
  • Blade:
    • ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Technology 
      • 13% thinner internal carbon layers with more fiber angles reduced weight by 7 grams (7%) which resulted in an 15% faster slap shot release and a 12% faster wrist shot release
        • Advanced design technique with an optimized fiber placement increases durability and strength-to-weight ratios
    • eLASTech Technology
      • Proprietary resin with carbon nanotubes reinforcements and tougheners that provide a 56% increase in strength compared to standard resin     
      • Extends the life of the stick by helping to keep micro-fractures from growing and spreading     
    • R-LITE Blade Core with TeXtreme Carbon Fiber 
      • Based off the 1X LITE, the R-LITE core utilizes featherlight foam that reduces weight without sacrificing strength and durability 
      • Fiber-reinforced rubberized dampening layer provides enhanced puck feel and control