Bauer S19 Supreme 2S Stick

    • New High-Performance Mold Process
      • Provides a much closer feel, balance and playability as a true one-piece stick by eliminating excess material through the co-molding point
    • Reinforced Shaft 
      • Provides enhanced durability without sacrificing feel 
    • 3K Carbon Fiber Shaft
      • 20% stronger than Unidirectional carbon, 3K provides solid performance and durability 
    • R2 Resin System
      • Consistent resin flow provides a more efficient construction for a strong, lightweight product
  • Flex Profile:
    • Supreme Power Taper 
      • The .520 power taper boost torsional stiffness to maximize loading with less torquing and twisting for better control and precision
    • Maximum Power Kick (MPK) Mid-Flex Profile
      • The re-engineered mid kick point was designed to release more energy, more efficiently
      • Lower 1/3rd of the stick is stiffer and thicker than before, which helps to push the kick point higher
  • Geometry:
    • Squared corners with straight sidewalls
      • Offers a traditional, boxy feel in the hands for maximum grip
  • Grip:
    • Tacky grip finish
  • Blade:
    • Max Balance Technology
      • Take-down technology from the ACL Technology found in the 2S Pro, Max-Balance reduces blade weight for a higher balance point and a quicker shot release
      • Re-inforced edges and optimized carbon fiber placement reduces weight for balance without sacrificing durability 
    • AeroFoam I Core with 12K Carbon Fiber Wrap
      • Two internal foam materials offer a great balance of puck feel and durability, all in a lightweight package
      • 1K Carbon Fiber is 10% stronger than 3K carbon, 3K provides superior performance, weight and durability properties
As low as $245.00 Regular Price $319.00

The Bauer Supreme 2S Stick offers elite-level performance, feel and durability at a fraction of the price. Bauer was able to reduce the weight with their new High-Performance Mold Process and Max Balance Blade Technology, making it hard to distinguish from the much higher price top-end sticks. 

While a lot has changed in Supreme this year, its signature high mid-kick point built for the true power shooters has not. The 2S still uses MPK or Maximum Power Kick Technology that raises the kick point by stiffening the lower third of the shaft and softening the upper handle. 

As previously mentioned, Bauer used Max Balance Technology that more efficiently layers the premium 12K carbon fiber to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing the durability. Internally, the AeroFoam I blade core offers a soft, dampened feel for the puck allowing to truly excel in catching passes, stickhandling and ripping big one-timers or slap shots. 

The shaft of the 2S boasts a high-performance 3K carbon twill, their new High-Performance Mold Process and extra reinforced shaft walls. The HP Mold Process allows the 2S to play like a true one-piece stick except for the steep price tag, while the reinforced walls add durability also not typically found in the super light, super expensive sticks.

77, 87, 95 flex = 64 inch