Bauer S17 Supreme 1S Shoulder Pads

Was $159.00

Now $149.00

The Bauer Supreme 1S Shoulder Pads are the lightest, best fitting and most protective shoulder pad from the Supreme Line to date. Bauer removed weight and increased protection by the extensive use of Curv® composite in the bicep, sternum and shoulder areas. The PowerLite Technology and its OD1N roots are also in the shoulder caps and allow them to sit lower and more anatomically on a player's shoulders.

The Supreme 1S is now more customizable with the length-adjustment on the stomach straps and the front side panel adjustment pieces.


  • Protection:
    • Three-piece, Free-Flex front panel
      • Curv® composite backed with high-density foam and internally lined with FleXorb smart foam
        • Curv® composite reduces weight while increases protection
        • FleXorb is an advanced smart foam that is extremely protective and does not absorb water like Poron XRD
        • Free-floating elastic attachment to the clavicle guard for better mobility
      • Vent Armor foam side panels promotes better airflow and elite-level protection with extension fit system
        • Allows players to change quickly and securely change how the side panels sit on the chest
      • Removable medium-density foam belly guard
    • Three-piece, Free-Flex back panel
      • Thick, high-density foam spine guard with a PE insert
      • Vent Armor foam side panels promotes better airflow and elite-level protection
      • Thick, medium-density kidney foam
    • Molded, high-density clavicle protection
    • Anatomically shaped Curv® composite shoulder caps with integrated PowerLite Technology 
      • Inspired by the OD1N concept project, the new low-profile design sits closer to the body for better responsiveness and increased protection
    • Adjustable, anatomically shaped Curv® composite bicep guards offer elite-level protection and weight reduction
  • Liner:
    • Premium 37.5™ Technology and Sanitized® odor-resistant treatment 
      • 37.5™ uses body heat to evaporate sweat to keep players cool and dry all game long
      • Anti-odor agents aid in killing bacteria. Agents rejuvenate after each wash
      • Sanitized® Technology is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process for optimal effectiveness throughout the glove's lifespan. 
      • Prevents the development of odor-causing bacteria and provides long-lasting freshness
  • Fit:
    • Contoured Fit
      • Provides a snug-to-the-body feel for better responsiveness
    • 2" Adjustable elastic velcro stomach straps
      • Enables players to tailor fit strap length for optimal fit and feel
    • 1.5" Elastic velcro bicep straps