Bauer Supreme 1S Composite Stick

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The Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick is the top of the line model in this sixth generation of Supreme Sticks.
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The 1S stick features all of Bauer's premium technologies and construction processes; such as the new gold TeXtreme carbon fiber, Monocomp true one-piece construction and eLASTech nano-tube reinforcement. The most significant upgrade over the previous MX3 is the new MPK (Maximum Power Kick) flex profile. This new kick point is the hardest releasing stick from Bauer to date by storing 14% more energy and unloading 20% more energy than before. MPK is one of the highest kick points found on a Bauer stick so far and it was made possible by using a thicker taper and stiffer carbon through the lower 1/3rd of the shaft. To help accentuate this, The 1S stick also has a softened upper handle to further pull the kick point higher up the shaft. This is a very noticeable change because players can feel the stick's kick point pivot just below their top hand during big shots. To maintain the elite-level responsiveness, balance and feel that elite players need, the Bauer 1S uses the Monocomp true-one process and their signature gold TeXtreme carbon composite. Carried over from last year is the PowerSense 2 Technology found in the blade. The internal foam package is more dampened than Vapor and Nexus, which ensures the blade will load as much energy into the shaft by keeping the puck in contact with the blade during the entire process. The Sense Layer is an aerospace-grade material that is directly integrated into the outer layer of the blade's carbon, again helping to increase puck contact time with the dampened foams. The Sense Layer also prevents chips and cracks from forming around the edges and the toe, which commonly occur on violent faces offs or vicious battles in the corner.