Bauer S18 Vapor 1X LITE Junior Gloves

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The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Glove continues to improve Vapor's top-tier lineage with key improvements in fit, feel and protection. The 1X Lite's redesigned backroll and tighter finger gussets offer a more anatomical fit in the lower portion of the glove, while the Free Flex cuff opens up more than before for enhanced mobility.

Bauer utilized their new AX Suede Quattro Grip palm with a Stretch Fit insert that provides enhanced stick feel, stick grip and abrasion-resistance. This palm and the liner are all treated with Sanitized Technology that keeps the 1X Lite smelling fresh by preventing odor-causing bacteria from ever forming. The unique treatment process directly embeds it into the fabric so it won't wash out over time. 37.5 Liner Technology is found here also, which does one of the best jobs of moisture-management on the market. 37.5 uses a player's body heat to dry the moisture instead of wicking it around like traditional materials.

The vast majority of the 1X Lite glove boasts featherlight dual-density foams to provide elite impact protection with as little weight as possible. The patented three-piece Free Flex thumb, the segmented fingers and the tri-zone exterior shell work together to provide a broken-in, game-ready feel right out of the box. The unique Free Flex cuff helps out too with its extra-mobile design that works by enabling the cuff to move independently of the glove's body. This is possible due to the integrated stretch gusset that anchors the cuff to just underneath the cuff roll.
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  • Exterior:
    • Pro Cable and Nylon Mesh with Synthetic Leather Overlay
      • Excellent lightweight durability with an out-of-the-box, game-ready feel 
      • Extra reinforcement strategically-placed in high-wear areas
    • Two-tone, 3D embroidered Bauer Logo on Cuff
    • Stitched X logo on the finger-block
    • Screenprinted other graphics 
  • Protection:
    • Dual-Density Foams with PE Inserts 
      • Found in the fingers, backhand, finger block and cuff
      • Provides elite-level protection with as little weight as possible
    • Single-density Foam with PE Inserts
      • Found in the thumb and sides of the pinky & index fingers 
    • Patented Three-Piece Flex Lock Thumb
      • Allow for maximum dexterity while preventing hyper-extension 
  • Palm: 
    • New AX Suede Quattro Pro Palm with Stretch Fit Insert
      • Triple-fiber blend that provides exceptional feel and superior abrasion resistance 
      • Stretch Fit allows for long-lasting enhanced grip and abrasion-resistance
  • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Microfiber and Sanitized® Technology 
      • Soft material that uses a player's body heat to evaporate sweat instead of wicking it way
      • Sanitized® Technology is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process for optimal effectiveness throughout the pad's lifespan
        • Prevents the development of odor-causing bacteria and provides long-lasting freshness
  • Fit:
    • Improved Tapered - More snug fit in the fingers, a more anatomical backhand with a relaxed, volume fit in the cuff
    • Dynamic Flex Cuff
      • Segmented cuff design for flexibility
    • Premium stretch finger gussets
    • 3-piece index finger with 2-piece middle, ring and pinky fingers
    • 4-segment backhand