Bauer Vapor 1X PRO Gloves

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The Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Hockey Gloves are focused on providing pro-preferred protection and feel to elite level hockey players. Using a thick high and medium density foam protection topped with PE inserts, the 1X Pro gloves have an extremely sturdy design ready to protect hands from the abuse of hockey.

The exterior uses a pro-inspired nylon and cable mesh to provide a clean look with excellent durability and breathability. Protection-wise, Bauer utilizes the aforementioned dual-density foam construction with plastic inserts in the fingers, backhand, cuff-roll, and cuff for complete coverage across the glove. On the backhand pad inside the glove, a thick layer of Poron XRD® lines the backhand for impact protection. The XRD® foam is a high level of technology that absorbs 90% of energy, while at the same time it's extremely comfortable resting on the back of the hand.

In addition to the XRD® foam, the interior of the glove features 37.5™ technology which accelerates the evaporation process 5 times faster than other performance fabrics. The result is a cool, comfortable, and lightweight environment inside the glove. The 37.5™ liner extends all the way through the 1-piece cuff, which extends out in the pro-preferred style to provide maximum protection and mobility.

The palm features the pro-preferred Ivory Nash with a protective Nash overlay. This design gives the player amazing stick feel and includes a grippy texture in the area where the stick end rests. In the 3-piece protective thumb, the Ivory Nash has a layered design to optimize durability and really allow the player to have great flexibility and grip on the stick.
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  • Exterior:
    • Pro Nylon Mesh and Cable Mesh Shell
    • 3D Embroidered Bauer Logo on Cuff
  • Protection:
    • Dual Density Foams Topped with PE Inserts
      • High density foams 
        • Lightweight, highly protective foams
      • Medium density foams
        • Thick, energy absorbing foams
      • PE plastic inserts on top for maximum protection
    • Thick XRD® Foam Backhand Pad
      • High level technology absorbs 90% of energy from impacts
      • Additional comfort
      • Greater impact protection
      • Found in the interior of the glove
    • 3-Piece Free Flex Thumb
      • 3 piece design reinforced by thick plastic
      • Protects against hyper-extension
      • Provides incredible protection and flexibility
  • Palm: 
    • Pro Ivory Nash with Overlay
      • Pro-preferred feel
      • Enhanced durability with overlay
      • Grip texture in high-wear area
  • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Technology
      • Uses body heat to evaporate sweat from glove and hand, giving you the best fit and comfort
      • Anti-odor agents aid in killing bacteria. Agents rejuvenate after each wash
  • Fit:
    • Tapered - Snug fit in the fingers & backhand; relaxed fit in the cuff
    • Pro Style Cuff
      • Flexible, 1-piece cuff
      • Highly protective and flexible
      • XRD® Foam topped with plast inserts
    • Breathable finger gussets
    • 3-piece index finger
      • Provides great dexterity
    • 2-piece fingers