Bauer S18 Vapor X900 LITE Junior Shin Guards

Was $169.00

Now $149.00

The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Shin Guards balance elite-level protection and game-ready comfort with being one of the lightest shin guards on the market. The X900 Lite features HyperLite and HyperLite HD foams throughout, which provide excellent impact protection and significant weight reduction while constantly preventing water absorption.

The unique Free Flex two-piece shin shell hinges near the bottom to allow players better forward flex. This puts players into a more agile and stable stance since they can be over the balls of their feet instead of back on their heels.

Internally, the X900 Lite boasts new SanitizedĀ® Technology on the premium ThermoMax Liner. Sanitized will keep the shin guard smelling fresher, longer, by preventing odor-causing bacteria from ever forming. The high-performance ThermoMax microfiber has a very comfortable feel but it does an even better job of wicking away moisture, keeping the player dry. The adjustable thigh guard is a new feature to the line as well, which gives players the choice to change how high or low the thigh guard sits on the leg.


  • Protection:
    • Molded PE shin and kneecap
    • New HyperLite & HyperLite HD 
      • Found around the knee and in the calf guard
      • Provides lightweight, elite-level protection 
      • Won't absorb sweat, keeping the pad lightweight and dry all game long
    • Adjustable Dual-Density Thigh Guard
      • Vertical adjustment to tailor the perfect fit 
  • Liner:
    • Thermo Max with Sanitized® Technology 
      • Comfortable microfiber liner with excellent moisture-wicking properties
      • Sanitized® Technology is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process for optimal effectiveness throughout the pad's lifespan
        • Prevents the development of odor-causing bacteria and provides long-lasting freshness
      • Removable to help reduce drying time after the game or so it can be washed separately
  • Fit/Mobility:
    • Free Flex Shin Cap
      • Promotes better forward flex, which puts players in a more agile and aggressive skating stance
    • Tapered design
      • Wider fit at the top that tapers into a more standard fit at the bottom
    • New Dual-Anchor Strap system
      • Upper Comfort Anchor Strap 
        • Mesh and Nylon hybrid strap ensures a secure lock with top-tier comfort 
      • 1" Elastic Lower Lock Strap
        • Nylon loops on calf guard to lock elastic straps in place