CCM "Custom Support" Insoles

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Now $59.00

Specifically engineered for hockey!

By providing full contact to the foot’s sole, the myofascial structure of the foot is fully activated stimulating greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed.Specifically engineered for hockey!

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TOP LAYER [1] Breathable fabric that allows moisture to diffuse sweat into the middle layer. MIDDLE LAYER [2] Freeflex memory foam absorbs moisture and reduces odor. The foam adapts to the contours of your foot improving fit. BASE LAYER [3] curEVA: a unique shock absorbing material that provides optimum cushioning. [4] “RPD” System: Rivet Pressure Distribution, optimizing forefoot comfort and reducing stress. Dynamic arch cradle (DAC) [5] Designed to redistribute pressure evenly and stabilize excessive movements which lead to injury. The DAC differs in density, shape and responsiveness dependent on foot type and length. Suit any brand of hockey skates.