CCM Jetspeed FT370 Elbow Pads

The CCM JetSpeed FT370 Elbow Pads boast full plastic reinforcement throughout, providing a big jump in protection. It features a two-piece construction thanks to the hinged bicep guard, which allows for improved mobility while keeping the padding where it needs to be. CCM upgraded the FT370 this year with new quick-release tabs on the bicep and forearm straps. This allows players to put on or take off the elbow pads with ease since the high-grade velcro can be stubborn at times. Internally, moisture-management is handled by the soft yet durable brushed nylon covering. This sits atop thick medium-density foams that have a memory foam like feel.
  • Protection:
    • Molded PE Elbow Cap with JDP Technology 
      • Joint Discharge Principal (JDP) deflects impact energy away from the joints and into the padding 
      • Large PE cap extends to the bottom of the wrist from comprehensive coverage 
        • Extra foam reinforcement 
    • Anatomically-shaped plastic insert throughout the forearm guard
      • Thick foam padding on both sides for enhanced comfort and protection 
    • Hinged Bicep Guard 
      • Full-length plastic insert, thick medium-density foams on both sides
  • Liner:
    • Moisture-wicking brushed nylon
  • Fit:
    • Two-piece design
      • Hinged bicep guard provides good mobility without a gap in protection
    • Three-strap system with quick-release tab endings
      • 1.5" nylon forearm strap
      • 1" elastic elbow crease strap
      • 1.5" elastic bicep strap