CCM JetSpeed 370 Intermediate Stick, LH

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The CCM JetSpeed 370 Grip Stick was built for players who want power, a speedy shot release and long-lasting durability. The JetSpeed 370 boasts a new JS3 blade that is hollow but has also been dampened with a foam-like material to provide excellent responsiveness, feel, control and consistency.

The JS3 blade works with the all-new Hybrid Kick Point that works by utilizing a soft hosel followed by a spike in stiffness near the CCM logo in the lower third of the shaft. The soft hosel speeds up the load-and-release process during shooting while the stiffened zone provides heavy power and enhanced accuracy by preventing the shaft from torquing on big shots.
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  • struction:
    • Fiberglass and Carbon Composite
      • Very durable blend that provides a solid feel in the hands
  • Flex Profile:
    • New Hybrid Kick Point
      • Combines hard shot power with a quick release
        • Hinge Effect: Soft lower taper with a stiffness peak near the CCM logo allows for a quick load-and-release and better-controlled power 
  • Geometry:
    • "T" geometry
      • Rounded corners with slightly concave sidewalls
  • Grip:
    • Tacky grip coating
  • Blade:
    • Dampened JS3 Hollow Blade with C6 Carbon Fiber Weave 
      • Dampening material similar to foam added to the facing for a more similar feel to the top-of-the-line JetSpeed stick 
      • Provides good consistency and feel for the puck 
      • C6 carbon fiber reduces weight, improves balance and responsiveness