CCM Jetspeed 390 Elbow Pads

The CCM JetSpeed FT390 Elbow Pads boast elite-level protection, mobility and comfort but are available at a more affordable price. The forearm guard utilizes nearly 360-degree PE insert reinforcement for maximum coverage, while the DryFoam topping prevents the pad from absorbing water and getting heavier. The FT390's bicep has been totally redesigned too. It has a new PE outer shell for an excellent boost in protection while the new, unique arched strap provides next-level security and comfort.
  • Protection:
    • Molded PE Elbow Cap with JDP Technology 
      • Closed-cell, DryFoam topping that enhances protection and prevents water absorption
      • Joint Discharge Principal (JDP) deflects impact energy away from the joints and into the padding 
    • Anatomically-shaped PE insert throughout the forearm guard
      • Nearly a 360-degree wrap for complete coverage
      • Hinged design allows for next-level mobility without sacrificing protection
      • Closed-cell, DryFoam topping to prevent water absorption 
    • Hinged Bicep Guard with a PE Shell
      • 3D PE shell provides elite-level protection for a vital part of the arm
      • Rear and inner portion of the arm is covered by a more traditional PE insert 
  • Liner:
    • DryFoam, laminated and brushed nylon liner
      • Different materials work together to provide premium comfort and moisture-management 
  • Fit:
    • Three-piece design
      • Hinged bicep and forearm guards give players full range of motion without sacrificing protection 
    • Three-strap system with quick-release tab endings
      • 2" nylon forearm strap
      • 1" neoprene and nylon elbow crease reverse strap
      • 1.75" arched bicep strap
        • New design provides a more secure fit and less interference