CCM JetSpeed FT1 Elbow Pads

Price $159.00
The CCM JetSpeed FT1 Elbow Pads feature the same RocketFrame Composite from the JetSpeed FT1 skates in the outer portion of this bicep guard. CCM used composite in this FT1 Line for the first time ever in order to make their gear lighter and more protective than it has ever been before.

The FT1's forearm guard received a big upgrade too, boasting an anatomically-shaped PE insert reinforcement topped with hydrophobic DryFoam. It uses nylon strapping to attach the forearm guard to the body of the elbow pad, allowing all three pieces to flex for next-level mobility. Thanks to this, the new arched bicep strap provides a more secure fit that also helps to promote better range of motion with this updated design.

The CCM JetSpeed FT1 elbow pad was also given significant improvements in the liner. Aside from the microfiber underside of the forearm guard, the rest of the pad consists of their premium laminated DryFoam liner. Right off the shelf, players with notice the significantly softer feel but the big improvement comes in the moisture-management department. CCM strategically used this combination of foams and liner materials to aggressively push sweat out of the pad to minimize moisture absorption. The result is an elite-level elbow pad that stays lightweight and dry all game long.


  • Protection:
    • Molded PE Elbow Cap with JDP Technology 
      • Closed-cell, DryFoam topping that enhances protection and prevents water absorption
      • Joint Discharge Principal (JDP) deflects impact energy away from the joints and into the padding 
    • Anatomically-shaped PE insert throughout the forearm guard with ZoteFoam
      • Hinged design allows for next-level mobility without sacrificing protection
      • Closed-cell, DryFoam topping to prevent water absorption, memory-foam like material on the underside for next-level comfort
    • Hinged Bicep Guard with a RocketFrame Composite Shell
      • 3D, composite shell provides elite-level protection and minimal weight
        • Same material the top-of-the-line CCM JetSpeed FT1 is made out of
      • Rear and inner portion of the arm is covered by medium-density foam
  • Liner:
    • DryFoam, full-laminated and microfiber liner
      • Different materials work together to provide premium comfort and moisture-management 
  • Fit:
    • Three-piece design
      • Hinged bicep and forearm guards give players full range of motion without sacrificing protection 
    • Three-strap system with quick-release tab endings
      • 2" nylon forearm strap
      • 1" neoprene and nylon elbow crease reverse strap
      • 1.75" arched bicep strap
        • New design provides a more secure fit and less interference