CCM JetSpeed FT1 Youth Shin Guard

The CCM JetSpeed FT1 Shin Guard is a stellar pick for the youth hockey player of any skill level. Its comfort level is unmatched with a removable low-density liner for superb cushioning as well as enhanced impact absorption. The hard plastic knee cap is vented to allow airflow into the pad, and the ribbed shell is perfect for deflecting the impacts of pucks and sticks alike. With two 1" elastic straps around the player's calf, the FT1 shin guard isn't going anywhere.
  • Protection:
    • Medium Density Foams
      • In the thigh guard and calf wrap and underneath the shell
    • Anatomically-shaped PE shell and knee 
      • Vented knee cap for direct airflow through the pad
  • Liner:
    • Removable Low-Density Foam Liner
      • High level of comfort
      • Extra impact absorption
      • Easy maintenance and drying
  • Fit/Mobility:
    • Lightweight, low-profile
    • Two-piece Hinge System
      • Kneecap and shin guard connected on sides by hinged design 
        • Provides good mobility and prevents gaps in protection between the knee and the shin
    • 2-Strap system
      • 2 twin 1" elastic calf straps (with quick-release tabs)