CCM Quicklite 250 Shin Guards

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  • Protection:
    • Lightweight Shell & PE Cap
      • Sturdy protection; ventilated for air flow
    • PE Foam with Laminate Reinforcement Calf Guard
      • Extended foam protection over calf area
    • PE Foam 
      • Flexible, lightweight protection
      • Found in lower thigh guard, around knee, and extended knee guard
      • Extended knee guard reinforced by plastic insert
  • Liner:
    • PU Foam Tech Removable Liner
      • Moisture wicking mesh nylon
      • Removable for quicker drying time
  • Fit/Mobility:
    • Hinge System
      • Knee cap and shin guard connected on sides by hinged design
      • Excellent mobility with no gap in protection
    • Redesigned Shell
      • Caters to both players that wear shin guards over or under tongue
    • 2-Strap system
      • 1" nylon strap underneath knee
      • 3" elastic strap over calf
  • Weight: