CCM Resistance 300 Helmet, White S

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Created to help better manage multiple types of impacts, the Resistance 300 R.E.D. System liner has a series of interior gel pods, engineered through cutting-edge science.

Scientists indicate that brain injuries and concussions are mainly due to linear and rotational accelerations of the brain. No hockey helmet can prevent or eliminate the risk of head injury, including concussions.
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  • Protection:
    • R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening)
      • Designed to better manage rotational impact energy that traditional helmets were unable to protect against
        • The liquid-filled bladders slow down rotational acceleration and spin, minimizing rotational impact energy
      • Multi-density VN Pods help manage linear impact energy
    • Dual-Density VN Foam Base Liner:
      • Lightweight and protective
      • Similar to U+Foam, it helps to wick away moisture without absorbing it
  • Fit:
    • Single, tool-free rear adjustment
      • Dual-pivoting panel helps to securely anchor the helmet in place
      • Strategically moved to the rear of the helmet to maximize protection
  • Comfort:
    • Moisture-wicking comfort foam helps to keep sweat out of the eyes
    • Pro-preferred shell with extensive perforation for maximum airflow
    • HECC, CSA approved
    • Weight: 537 grams (Based on a Senior Medium)