CCM Ribcor 65K Junior Stick

The CCM RibCor 65K Stick is the first stick in this new line to debut the optimized Pop Matrix Technology that delivers the quickest, most efficient shot release from RibCor yet. Building on one of the best low-kick stick families, CCM more gradually integrated the unique RibCor geometry to better allow energy to pass through the stick during the shooting process. The 65K also brings new X-Flow Technology to the RibCor Line. This re-designed construction process allows CCM to use more carbon fiber and less resin, which is the glue that holds carbon together. This results in better durability and better performance overall. The Ascent 2 blade core is built with a soft heel for optimal stick handling while the stiff toe ensures deadly precision.
  • Construction:
    • Enhanced RibCor Pop Matrix Technology
      • Smoother integrated of the Pop Matrix allows for a more effective energy transfer
      • Optimized construction keeps performance fibers in permanent tension while the shaft corners help to protect them
      • Performance fibers have been re-engineered to deliver an even quicker shot release and a more efficient energy transfer process than the previous generations
    • X-Flow Technology 
      • New manufacturing process that provides better a strength-to-weight ratio by using less resin and more carbon fiber
    • Fused One-Piece with Fiberglass and Carbon Blend
      • The high fusion point enables the stick to shoot more accurately on big shots
      • Fiberglass/Carbon Blend provides a high-level of durability without losing pop 
  • Flex Profile:
    • Low-kick Point 
      • Ideal for the "finesse" shooter who's looking to get a shot off as quick as possible
  • Geometry:
    • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners
  • Grip:
    • Grip stick coating
  • Blade:
    • Ascent2 Blade Construction
      • Improved lightweight design removes unnecessary weight better-balanced feel in the hands
      • The softened heel provides enhanced puck feel for technical stick handling, while the stiff toe continues to deliver deadly accuracy and a quick release
    • C6 Carbon Fiber Weave
      • Enhances stiffness and rigidity for better durability and responsiveness