CCM Ribcor Pro PMT Stick, LH

Was $269.00

Now $134.00

The CCM RibCor Pro PMT Grip Stick provides a deadly quick release and elite-level playability at a much more affordable price. The Pro PMT boasts one of the quickest and most powerful shot releases from RibCor to date thanks to the all-new taper shape and the optimized vertical flex profile.

The aggressive new taper works with the shaft's optimized vertical flex profile to more effectively and more efficiently transfer energy from the shaft and into the puck. Players who have used RibCor sticks in the past are going to notice the puck releasing even quicker and even harder than ever before.

Lastly, the RibCor Pro PMT features a dangler's dream blade construction that was built for maximum stickhandling control and pinpoint accuracy. CCM softened the heel of the blade to create better puck contact when dangling while the stiff toe benefits toe shooters and traditional shooters alike by keeping the blade face stable during the shooting process.
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