CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY Stick

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The CCM RibCor Trigger ASY Grip Stick boasts the quickest shot release from any CCM stick to date thanks to the new carbon fiber layup called the ASY-1 flex profile. CCM was able to achieve and validate results with their new state of the art Stick Lab, which truly allowed them to pin point and to fine tune the "Moment of Release" which is the key factor in speeding up the shot release.

Working hand in hand with the ASY-1 low kick point is the new Ascent 2 blade core. CCM moved the support bridges higher up inside the blade core and used lighter materials too. These two changes provide players with an even more balanced feel in the hands and a better overall feel for the puck. The Pop Matrix shaft geometry is carried over from the Reckoner. This unique shaft dimension found in the lower third of the stick forces the carbon fiber into permanent tension, thus eliminating a step during the shooting process for an even quicker shot release. The carbon fiber on the corners are intentionally stronger so that they can protect the internal fibers, which are geared for pure performance.

The CCM RibCor Trigger stick uses CCM's exclusive Technora Aramid Fibers to ensure players have a stick that is not only built for pure performance but also built to last. Technora is one of the strongest fibers found in hockey and was used to extend the life of stick (including pop life) with its strong impact-resistance properties that won't weigh the stick down.
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  • Construction:
    • RibCor Pop Matrix Technology
      • Optimized construction keeps performance fibers in permanent tension while the shaft corners help to protect them
        • Performance fibers have been re-engineered to deliver an even quicker shot release and a more efficient energy transfer process than the previous generations
    • Technora™ Aramid Fiber Reinforcement
      • Provides lightweight and extremely strong reinforcement throughout for top-notch durability
      • Keeps the stick feeling newer, longer with it's flex fatigue resistance properties 
    • Fused One-Piece with Tri-Matrix Carbon Fiber
      • Evolving from the Dual Matrix, the fibers are strategically oriented in 90-degree patterns through the middle for support and stability
      • The forehand and backhand sides are strategically oriented at 45-degree patterns to shorten the load and release process
      • The high fusion point enables the stick to shoot more accurately on big shots
    • Power Taper 3:1 Ratio 
      • Offers more power with the same amount of effort than other sticks with a low-loading ratio because energy put into the shaft is more efficiently redirected into the puck
      • Sticks with a low-loading ratio lose power when some of the energy is directed towards the ice and not the net