CCM Trigger2 PMT Junior Stick

Was $269.00

Now $134.00

The CCM RibCor Trigger2 PMT Grip Stick is the most powerful and quickest releasing RibCor stick CCM has ever made. CCM has been vigorously utilizing their new stick R&D facility has not only allowed CCM to work on advanced technological advances like what is found in the Trigger2, but it has all been validated with hard data too.

The taper features a much more aggressive shape than before, which is then accentuated by the new optimized verticle flex profile. This has been proven to provide more shot power on all types of shots, but the shot's release rate is even quicker too. The cherry on top is the ultra-responsive and ultra-lightweight Sigmatex 18K carbon fiber that is found throughout the shaft and the blade.

This flat weave, spread tow carbon is the jack of all trades and truly ties in all of the new elements together in the Trigger2. Compared to CCM's previous fiber, Sigmatex is lighter, stronger and much more efficient at transferring energy that powers through the new flex profile, the new aggressive taper and the Pop Matrix technology.

The other big upgrade for the Trigger2 PMT stick is the blade. Both the blade and the toe feature strong, impact-resistant aramid fiber that directly addresses durability concerns in the first generation. Internally, the Ascent 3 blade core provides elite puck control, top-notch puck feel and deadly accuracy thanks to the progressive flex profile that stiffens from heel to toe.


  • Construction:
    • Fused one-piece construction with Sigmatex carbon fiber
      • Flatter, spread two weave that is lighter, stronger and more responsive than ever before
      • Provides a superb level of durability, strength, and stiffness in the lower hosel area
      • Offers a slightly more dampened feel than a true one-piece stick
    • RibCor Pop Matrix Technology
      • Optimized construction keeps performance fibers in permanent tension while the shaft corners help to protect them
        • Performance fibers have been re-engineered to deliver an even quicker shot release and a more efficient energy transfer process than the previous generations
    • Re-engineered Taper Dimensions
      • More aggressive design maximizes energy transfer during the shooting process for an even quicker and even harder shot than before
  • Flex Profile:
    • Optimized Low-kick Point 
      • Ideal for the "finesse" shooter who's looking to get a shot off as quick as possible
    • New optimized vertical flex profile
      • Enables for the x an y-axis of the stick to unload at the same time for better efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Geometry:
    • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners
  • Grip:
    • Grip stick coating
  • Blade:
    • New Ascent Blade 3 Construction with tactile blade surface
      • Even lighter blade core takes the already excellent balanced feel to the next level
      • Improved design gives players even better puck feel that's built to last
      • The stiffness progressively increases from the heel through the toe, allowing the blade to load and release like the shaft for quicker and harder shots
    • New aramid fiber reinforced heel and toe for significant durability improvements