CCM Super Tacks Junior Pants

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The CCM Super Tacks Ice Hockey Pants offer excellent pro-level protection, once again bringing CCM's rate-sensitive D3O foam to the table. The all-important hip pads are structured with CCM's JDP molded plastic and reinforced with D3O for excellent low-energy and high-energy impact absorption. Above the waist, the Super Tacks feature a molded PE kidney guard backed with medium-density foam. The shell is composed of premium nylon with rugged reinforcement panels in the high-abrasion areas.

In the rear, the floating spine guard enhances a custom and therefore more protective fit and incorporates both high-density foams as an outer shield and D3O underneath for more impact absorption. Attached to the floating spine guard is the segmented tailbone padding which also includes CCM's D3O foam and is backed with medium density foams. This segmented style of padding emphasizes a contouring fit for better protective coverage. Moving toward the front of the pant, the thigh guards are structured with ridged HD foam and reinforced with medium-density foams. In the groin area, the Super Tacks feature segmented mid-density foams for flexible protection in the key flex zone.

These pants use an internal belt system that runs through the base of the spine guard to lock it down against your back and provide an overall snug fit. For the taller players out there or players who prefer to have a longer fit, the Super Tacks ice pants again have an easy 1" extension built into the pant.
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  • Protection:
    • Floating spine protector
      • D3O smart material
      • High density foam
      • Tacks armor foam lining
      • Contouring tailbone protection with D3O inserts
    • D3O smart foam in hip caps
      • PE reinforced with JDP design
    • Groin protection integrated with shell
    • Molded PE kidney protection
    • PE insert waistband protection
  • Fit:
    • Traditional ice pant fit - snugger in the hips & looser in the legs
    • Key flex zones
    • Suspender buttons
    • Lace fastening system
    • Zippers on the inside of legs for custom fit
    • Extension zipper for a 1" taller fit
    • Interior nylon belt strap
  • Materials:
    • Premium nylon construction
    • Nylon abrasion panels - durability
    • Microfiber, comfort foam liner
    • Stitched logos