CCM Super Tacks Shoulder Pads, S

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The CCM Super Tacks Shoulder Pads offer next-level protection with the use of their premium D30 smart foam in the sternum and shoulder caps. The spine and the kidneys are reinforced with a high-density closed-cell foam that maintains excellent protection and prevents water absorption.

Unique to the Super Tacks is the dual-core shoulder caps and the integrated Anti-Lift technology. CCM layred high-density, closed cell foam and D3O smart foam to dissipate the highest levels of impacts. They are attached to the body of the shoulder pad in a hinged fashion for complete range of motion unlike some of the competition. The two-piece bicep guard is fully adjustable and allows players to remove the bottom extension if so desired.

D3O is also found in the large sternum guard, providing top-notch protection for a very vital part of the body. Similar to the spine guard, the sternum plate features several connection points to the body via elastic straps so that the pads feel like a second-skin instead of stiff, medieval body armor. The rear is beefed up this year with high-density, closed-cell foam while the liner features a 3D embossed design for optimal airflow through the pad.
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  • Front Panel:
    • Three-piece, Anti-Lift construction with a floating D30 smart foam sternum guard 
      • Rate-sensitive D30 foam on top of the injected PE sternum guard provides elite-level impact absorption
    • Perforated, medium-density Foam Armor side panels
      • Allows for better breathability within the pad while maintaining a high-level of protection
    • Removable medium-density foam belly guard
  • Rear Panel: 
    • Three-piece construction with a floating & hinged high-density spinal guard
      • Four contact points to the rear panel via elastic allow the pad to move with the player's body for better range of motion without exposing gaps in protection
      • Hinged construction for better mobility 
    • Medium-density Foam Armor side panels with HD, closed-cell spine and kidney guards
      • Allows for better breathability within the pad while maintaining a high-level of protection
      • Extremely protective foam that also prevents water absorption 
  • Shoulder Caps:
    • Anatomically-shaped, dual-core JDP shoulder caps with D30 and Anti-Lift technology
      • Anti-Lift panel with its free-flow neoprene anchor design prevents the shoulder caps from lifting the entire pad off of the player, allowing for maximum mobility and flexibility  
      • Dual-layers of HD, closed-cell foam with D30 smart foam on the underside
      • Provides elite-level protection while the closed-cell foams prevent water absorption 
  • Bicep Guards:
    • Two-piece, two-way adjustable bicep guards with HD, closed-cell foam
      • Bottom piece is completely adjustable and can be fully removed if desired
      • Anatomically-shaped for a close-to-the-body, comfortable feel
  • Collarbone Protection: 
    • Dual-density foam with PE inserts
  • Liner: 
    • Moisture-wicking microfiber 
    • Unique, 3D foam pattern allows for better airflow inside of the pad 
  • Strap System:
    • 2" elastic velcro stomach straps
    • 1.5" elastic velcro bicep straps
    • 1" nylon bicep guard adjustment strap
  • Fit:
    • Traditional Fit
      • Generous volume for maximum coverage and a visually bulkier looking pad