CCM Tacks 7092 Shin Pads

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The CCM Tacks 7092 Shin Guards bring elite level protection to the table with D3O LITE, a lighter version of CCM's rate sensitive smart material, in the knee cap as well as the external calf area. Shielding your knee cap against all impacts once again is the hard plastic (PE) shell with CCM's JDP design, giving it advanced impact dispersion capabilities.
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  • Protection:
    • Molded PE Cap with D3O LITE
      • Rate-sensitive D3O LITE provides elite-level impact absorption in key impact area
      • JDP design to disperse force of impact
    • Molded PE insert anatomically structured calf wrap
      • Additional medium-density foams
    • D3O LITE shot block protection
      • Layered between calf wrap and shell on external calf area
    • Structured thigh guard
      • Segmented foams with PE inserts
  • Liner:
    • Removable anatomical microfiber liner
      • Moisture wicking
      • Knee cutout for knee lock
      • Segmented for anatomical fit
      • Protective low-density foam in shin
  • Fit:
    • 2 strap design
      • 3/4" wide nylon lock strap with mesh comfort wrap
      • 3" wide vented elastic calf strap
    • Anatomically structured calf wrap
    • Foam wrap at the base of shell
      • Reduces wear and tear on skates