Eclipse Infinity Titanium Blades

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Eclipse Infinity Titanium gives the Skater powerful transfer of energy to the edges and provides wonderful control.


The 8’ radius provides added speed and secure edges and the aggressive style straight cut toe rake design ensures positive performance. Lighter, Stronger, Faster; Titanium outperforms other blades. When skating dreams are infinite, the Eclipse Titanium Infinity helps skaters soar to the next level. The titanium alloy body makes this blade super lightweight and it has the same radius profile as a Pattern 99. The 8 foot radius helps increase skater speed while straight cut aggressive rakes offer secure engagement. The Swiss stainless steel runner offers precise edges and resists rust and corrosion which means fewer sharpenings. This blade doesn't require a special jig during sharpening so your local pro shop will be able to sharpen your blades when they need it. Designed to achieve greater transfer of energy with maximum control, the Eclipse Infinity will help freestyle skaters exceed their goals.

  • Suitable for double jumps through quad jumps.
  • 27 in radius in front
  • 8 foot Rocker
  • Suggested R.O.H: 7/16"
  • Straight Cut Toe Pick
  • Style: Parallel
  • Sizes Available: 8 - 12"

Weight of size 9.50" blade - 199g

Please allow 10 days for delivery from USA