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  • Aluminum tube made out of very hard, high quality aluminum often used in aircraft industries. The original alloy we used for Bont and EVO blades. This alloy is more expensive but holds bend better than other alloys. The tube has a cnc machined slot in the bottom in the shape of the bend. This very precise machining job makes it possible to create a nice and smooth pre-bent blade. In the QCS the side walls are cnc machined to create a very precise wall thickness of the lips This very difficult process gives the original blades the special feel.


  • The EHS cups are made out of one of the hardest available aluminum alloys often used in aircraft industries. This alloy is only available as solid material so the cups are machined out of solid material. This is a more expencive process, but then you have a very stiff, low weight and long lasting piece of art. Tread will stay in shape for long use and the mounting on the blades will not wear out. Cups are available in various heights.


  • Making the steel runners is a very difficult process. Especially keeping them flat. All skaters want to have the flattest runners, so we made it our goal to make the best runners. We only use the best PM and Bi-Metals, do the most advanced heat treatments, and have the highest quality surface finishing. No costs are spared in achieving the best results here. The runners are glued in the tube by our own unique and proven system. Using very high quality glue invented for use in aerospace industries.


  • The blades are available in sizes 15.0, 15.5, 16.0, 16.5, 17.0, 17.5, and 18.0 inch.