CCM Resistance Helmet

Was $249.00

Now $129.00

The CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet features an innovative liner called the R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening) which allows it to manage rotational impacts like never before.

CCM Hockey worked with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Lab at the University of Ottawa to create a helmet that does an outstanding job of protecting players against both linear and rotational impacts. The new Impact Pods are constructed of a proven E.P.P. Foam with an internal shock absorber that allows them to handle the bulk of the linear and direct impacts.

Through intense research, CCM found the best way to dissipate rotational impact energy is to slow down the speed at which the helmet is spinning. With the liquid-filled bladders supporting the Impact Pods, the CCM Resistance helmet decelerates rotational spin and significantly increases the overall level of protection.

The front of the shell features thorough perforation for optimal airflow and comfort. The base liner material is constructed of a moisture-wicking medium-density foam that helps to keep sweat out of the eyes. CCM included a single, tool-free adjustment feature that ensures the back of the helmet securely locks onto the back of the head.


  • Protection:
    • R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening)
      • Designed to better manage rotational impact energy that traditional helmets were unable to protect against
      • Two-part system:
        • Impact Pods made of E.P.P. Foam with built-in shock absorbers dissipate linear impact energy and are specifically designed to work with the liquid bladders
        • Liquid-filled bladders slow down rotational acceleration and spin, minimizing rotational impact energy
    • Medium-density foam base liner:
      • Lightweight and protective
      • Similar to U+Foam, it helps to wick away moisture without absorbing it 
  • Fit:
    • Single, tool-free rear adjustment
      • Dual-pivoting panel helps to securely anchor the helmet in place
      • Strategically moved to the rear of the helmet to maximize protection
  • Comfort:
    • Moisture-wicking comfort foam helps to keep sweat out of the eyes
    • Pro-preferred shell with extensive perforation for maximum airflow