Stick Tape 1"x30yd

Was $8.00

Now $5.00

The durable cloth backing is a strong blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Combined they offer superior abrasion resistance versus traditional cotton tapes. This cloth construction also ensures a tape that can stand up to the punishment of the game.

This USA-made tape is highly moisture-resistant. Water-absorption by the cloth is a contributing factor in snow build-up on hockey tape and adhesive failure on the stick. Some players have resorted to waxing their tape to prevent snow and water problems. Our hockey tape significantly reduces water absorption and snow build-up on the blade without waxing. Your tape lasts longer and it saves you time preparing your stick. If you still prefer wax this tape will also work with the same wax you already use.

What a difference a dye makes – white tape that is white and black that is black. Our white tape offers a cleaner and brighter appearance versus tapes made from unbleached cotton. Our black tape is made from cloth that is dyed black using a special dye process that gives it a true “jet-black” appearance that doesn’t fade or bleach when in use.

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  • Durable cloth backing made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres
  • Color-matched adhesive system optimized for superior bond on composite and wood sticks
  • Colours may not exactly match colour in the pictures
  • Made in USA