Jackson Debut Fusion + Matrix Legacy

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This combination is ideal for intermediate skaters learning axel and beginner double jumps. Lightweight, with exceptional comfort.


Debut Boots

Jackson Support Rating: Firm Support - Level 50

Recommended for Axel / Beginner Double Jumps

  • Cut resistant Micro Fiber upper, has remarkable flexibility, versatility and strength
  • Extra wrap over instep provides better fit and security on all widths
  • Eyelets behind the flex notch locks the heel in place
  • Non- abrasive fabric lining makes initial fit soft and comfortable and is breathable and treated with anti- bacterial properties for odour reduction
  • Rolled lining eliminates pressure and irritation on tendons above ankles
  • Swarovski inlaid crystals looks stylish and elegant.
  • Reinforced heel with aluminum plates eliminates sole separation
  • Fusion sole: Features lightweight nylon composite materials which are torque resistant and waterproof. A rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption

Weight of size 5 Debut Fusion + Matrix Legacy: 881g.

Matrix Blades

Matrix Blades are up to 33% lighter than traditional blades!
Reduced weight means reduced fatigue.

  • AUS8 Stainless steel runner is maintenance free and holds edges longer for a longer lasting blade
  • Runner is inset into chassis and permanently secured using 3 axels
  • Parallel chassis allows for accurate sharpening

Weight of size 9.50" blade - 230g

blade size recommendation

Matrix Legacy vs Coronation Ace Revolution

Ultima Matrix blades feature an extremely strong but lightweight 7000 Aircraft Aluminum chassis with Stainless Steel runner. The combination of advanced materials and design creates a superior blade; 17% lighter than Revolution Blades.

Matrix blades utilize Premium Grade Stainless Steel, which is harder than the carbon steel utilized in the Revolution blade. The result is a faster blade with enhanced edge control and less frequent sharpening.

The Taper Design in our Advanced Series delivers quieter performance and better grip with the ice

The Matrix Legacy's Toe Pick design and Blade Pattern closely match the Coronation Ace, allowing easy transition to the lighter more advanced Matric Legacy. The rocker is slightly flatter, providing more glide and better stability on jump landings