Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Wheels

The Labeda Gripper Asphalt Outdoor Wheels are one of the most popular wheels used for outside surfaces because of their great balance of performance and durability. Most other outdoor wheels sacrifice durability for performance or performance for durability, but these Asphalt Gripper Wheels allow a player to skate at a high level without the fear of destroying the soft urethane. These Gripper wheels are made by the family owned Labeda business in the USA. Ideal Playing Surface: Asphalt, Concrete Fit Guidelines: Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size Image Note: Hub design may vary from image. Hub may be a solid or spoke hub. Both hubs offer the same performance.
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The worlds best selling outdoor wheel. This wheel was made for those outdoor hockey players that get tired of burning through their wheels so quickly. Created with our abrasion resistant endurance urethane for superior outdoor wear and great grip.