Reebok R23 Composite Stick, LH

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THE LAST STICK MADE BY REEBOK. The Reebok R23 Grip Hockey Sticks feature a composite and fiberglass shaft that provide excellent durability while maintaining a solid level of responsiveness. The R23 blade debuts Reebok's Q2R "Quick 2 Respond" Technology, which gives players top notch puck feel and pop. The Q2R blade works with the engineered low kick point for a lightning quick shot release.

Construction: Fused one-piece
Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls
Flex Point: Low Kick
Weight: 561 grams (based on a P29 curve, 85 flex)
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CONSTRUCTION: Fused one-piece with Carbon and Fiberglass blend Higher fuse point increases twist resistance and stability Provides extra durability without sacrificing responsiveness FLEX PROFILE: Low-kick point GEOMETRY: Traditional - Square corners with straight sidewalls GRIP: Slight grip coating BLADE: Q2R "Quick 2 Respond" Technology Designed to maximize puck feel and pop FLEX: 85