Riedell Elara Boots

Riedell Elara

Introducing the all new Elara model from Riedell. A result of the culmination of intense research and design, the Elara offers the top-level skater strong support utilizing new materials and design. Learn more about the features below.

  • Support Rating: 100
  • Skill Level: For triple and quad jumps
  • White, sizes 4-10 full & half, AA, B & D width
  • Black, sizes 4-13 full & half, AA, B & D width
  • $999.00
    Evofit last
    • Broader toe shape for added comfort and allows toes to lay flat
    • Snug heel fit for better control
    • Higher heel for better forward foot position
    Hydro-Shield outsole
    • Thermoplastic urethane provides strong foot support
    • Will not absorb moisture
    • Lightweight
    • EVA cushion midsole provides great impact absorption
    • Highly consistent for blade tracking
    Lightweight uppers
    • Military grade microfiber material
    • Abrasion resistant and cut resistant
    • Strong tensile strength
    Shortened outsole design
    • Allows consistent blade sizing
    • Allows for shorter blade for better maneuverability
    • Provides ease of blade mounting
    Pre-formed fit
    • Allows for better fit and wrap around the ankle and top
    • Ergonomically-shaped boot promotes proper range of motion, support and comfort
    • Easier break-in
    • Contours to the shape of the foot, no heat molding required
    Newly designed padded footbed
    • Patent pending polyurethane formula
    • 30% lighter weight than other polyurethane materials
    • Breathable polyurethane sock liner for improved moisture protection and durability
    • Abrasion and wear resistant top covering
    Cork-leather heel
    • Increased height provides better forward position on blade
    • Provides impact absorption
    • Lightweight & strong


    Professional Fit Care

    • The Elara is built using pre-molded and pre-formed materials that eliminate/reduce the need for heat molding and the use of a skate oven.
    • The Elara can be carefully heat-molded, but Riedell does not authorize the use of a heat oven to heat the boots.
    • Fit adjustments should only be done on the Elara with a localized heat source by a trained and skilled skate specialist.