Are you looking to buy skate frames that offer better maneuverability and improve your game? Ice Monster has the best collection of roller hockey skate frames. Whether you are looking for a specific brand or a size, we have you covered. Browse through different brands and choose your favourite inline hockey skate chassis today!
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  1. Marsblade R1 Kit
    Marsblade R1 Kit
    As low as $449.00
  2. Marsblade R1 Frame
    Marsblade R1 Frame
    As low as $329.00
  3. Marsblade O1 Kit
    Marsblade O1 Kit
    As low as $230.30 Regular Price $329.00
  4. HI-LO Aluminum Chassis
    HI-LO Aluminum Chassis
    As low as $199.00 Regular Price $249.00
  5. Marsblade O1 Frame
    Marsblade O1 Frame
    As low as $181.30 Regular Price $259.00