Tron-X Heat Grip EX Composite Stick

Was $249.00

Now $199.00

  • Features patented "Phoenix" Carbon, making this stick truly revolutionary in its durability and performance

  • Lightweight silver 14K weave

  • True one-piece composite construction

  • Mid-kick flex profile

  • Lightweight 430 Grams yet super strong.

  • 60 day warranty - Double the industry standard


60 day warranty. Truly revolutionary in it's durability and performance

Comparison Chart Retail Weight Warranty Construction
Tron-X Heat Grip EX Composite Stick AUD $249 430g 60 Days True One-Piece
Colt 2 Composite Hockey Stick AUD $329 490g 60 Days True One-Piece
Bauer 1X Composite Hockey Stick AUD $349 420g 30 Days True One-Piece