True A5.2 SBP Composite Stick, LH

The True A5.2 SBP Grip Hockey Stick builds on the previous pro-favorite, which was well liked due to the combination of a lightweight feel, enhanced durability and explosive power. New this year to the A5.2 SBP stick is the BRT Technology found in the blade. Straying from traditional construction, True used braided carbon fiber tubes with injected foams to extend pop life and to increase the overall strength by 50%. Unlike the traditional rib reinforcements, the braided carbon ribs do a much better and more consistent job of delivering a finished product. These braided ribs join the front and back faces of the blade to better protect the internal foams from premature breakage. The carbon twill wrap adds to the blade's stiffness while simultaneously decreasing weight, giving players a better balanced feel and a more accurate shot. The carbon twill shaft is constructed using their patented Axenic true one-piece process and SmartPly carbon twill layering. The Axenic construction delivers unparalleled shaft wall consistency from top to bottom, which enhances responsiveness, balance, weight and feel. SmartPly utilizes lightweight carbon twill in strategic patterned layers to optimize strength, longevity and energy transfer.

  • Construction:
    • SmartPly with 100% Lightweight Carbon Twill 
      • 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber are strategically engineered for torsional response and impact strength
      • Small tow size for a tight weave
      • Fibers carry less load since they are not completely flat, making a decrease in stiffness less noticeable in case of impact damage
      • Extra reinforcement for enhanced durability
    • Axenic True-One Piece Construction
      • Patented process that compression molds the shaft and blade together, unlike anything else on the market
      • The shaft walls thin towards the top while the blade laminates build the walls thickness back up, providing second to none consistency and balance
  • Flex Profile:
    • Variable Kick Point via SmartFlex Technology 
      • Optimized flex profile that provides a quick shot release and hard shot power
      • Progressively stiffer flex profile from the top to the bottom of the shaft was strategically engineered for power, a quick release and optimal energy transfer
  • Geometry:
    • Rounded Corners with Slightly Concave Sidewalls
  • Grip:
    • Grip stick finish
  • Blade:
    • Braided Rib Technology (BRT)
      • Dual braided carbon fiber ribs with injected foams that run heel to toe on the bottom and middle portions of the blade
        • Provides 50% more strength than the previous ActivBond II for enhanced durability and longevity
        • Also much more more consistent for better feel 
    • 100% Carbon Twill Weave Wrap
      • Raises the balance point while enhancing responsiveness and feel