True XC9 ACF Junior Stick

The 2019 True XC9 ACF Stick was built for ultimate accuracy, control and feel. True utilized their premier technologies including the new XCore Gen2 and BRT+. XCore Gen2 provides a 3 times larger sweet spot and even better puck control by the repositioning and redesign of the compressible urethane insert in the blade. BRT+ Technology is the internal braided carbon fiber ribs that provide the blade even better durability with even less weight than before! 

Since True saved weight with BRT+, they reinforced the most common breakpoints in the shaft for even better impact resistance without sacrificing the balance point or responsiveness. The rest of the shaft features some of the highest-performing materials and construction processes on the market today. Axenic Technology is the patented true one-piece construction that works with SmartPly Technology to strategically layer up to 25 sheets of carbon fiber in specific angles for optimized playability and durability. 

The flex profile of the XCore Family has always targeted the power shooters with its mid-kick point. The XC9 ACF uses updated SmartFlex Technology that has softened the upper handle compared to the rest of the shaft in order to provide more versatility for those occasions when a quick shot release is desperately needed.

As low as $99.00