Zuca Skate Bag with Frame

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Zuca bag is a marvelous creation, it was designed by a mother who was concerned with her child's back problems due to heavy books they had to carry in school.When Zuca bag was first created it was intended as a school bag which would also allow its owner to sit on top of it to provide a seat where there was none.

Zuca bags especially excelled in figure skating as a prime choice for an ice skating bag for all ice skaters big or small. Zuca bag is a unique creation and allows its user to be creative from the start. Zuca bag consists of a Zuca frame and a zuca insert. Those two components make a Zuca bag.

There are many beautiful Zuca bag designs and several different color frames. The Zuca bag insert has many different compartments and pockets. Zuca bag has a total of four wheels to allow the bag to climb stairs easily.The bottom set of wheels on the Zuca bag start flashing when you roll the bag around.

The Zuca bag Sport edition is a great bag for all sports where you need to have a mobile locker with you as well as a seat for comfort.Zuca bag can support up to 300 lbs of weight so you can even stand on top of it if you want to.

Also the option to choose a coloured padded seat cover and a Zuca lunch box.

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