True A6.0 SBP Composite Blade

The True A6.0 SBP Composite Standard Hockey Blade is the top of line, standard option from True Hockey. Just like the one-piece sticks, these A6.0 SBP blades feature exciting BRT or Braided Rib Technology. This all new construction process was able to make blade 50% stronger than the previous A6.0, making sure that the great puck feel will stick around and last.
  • Construction:
    • 100% Carbon Twill Weave
    • TC2 Blade is Lie 6; MC Blade is Lie 5
  • Hosel:
    • Short Hosel Design
      • Faster, harder puck release more similar to a true one-piece
      • Better overall balance
  • Core:
    • Braided Rib Technology (BRT)
      • Dual braided carbon fiber ribs with injected foams that run heel to toe on the bottom and middle portions of the blade
        • Provides 50% more strength than the previous ActivBond II for enhanced durability and longevity
        • Also provides much more consistency for a better feel